4 Easy Steps To Create A Mediterranean Style Living Space

When you think about the Mediterranean, you probably think about the smells, the blue sky, luscious green hilly roads and the  sense of calm you felt on your last trip. Mediterranean culture has certainly made a great contribution to the world, not just in terms of food and tradition, but also in home styles and decoration. In this post we’ll set out 4 key techniques for you turn your living space, be it the bedroom, home office or your living room into a slice of Mediterranean:

1 – Bring nature inside

One great feature of Mediterranean home design to consider is using nature inside the home. Carefully choose each new item so it blends the interior with the exterior, use wood, organic fabrics and bold colors which define mediterranean style. This type of interior style is usually adopted by people living in warmer regions, which is why they are distinguished by their shaded alcoves and sunny pools in the courtyards.



Jasmine - Greek Style

For us, Jasmine screams spring spent on western Greek islands. The wild running bushes and their flowers cover terraced houses leaving a beautiful scent as you stroll down narrow alleyways.

Jasmine is very easy to find in most countries, easy to maintain and tend to be quite robust in all indoor climates. There is no excuse for not having a Jasmine pot in your room.


Olive Tree


Greek Olive Tree

We can’t imagine any other plant encapsulates the Mediterranean better than the olive tree. A plant that will never go out of fashion and as long as you don’t over water it, it is very easy to maintain all year around. Sadly, it won’t give you any olives in less sunny climates but the distinct leaves give a mediterranean feel to any room.  






The humble Yucca adds a lot of character and accentuates any corner of the room. Again, very easy to care for, quite robust in most climates and accessible to buy from most plant shops or markets. They come in all shapes and sizes, so are suitable for the smallest of rooms.


2 – The right colour palette is key

Sun and sea inspired homes fit well in colder regions, giving you the extra warmth and comfort you crave. Besides, Mediterranean homes will still look authentic if you introduce elements inspired by your own culture and region.

However, when it comes to the right colour palette it is very important to find a handful of complementing colours from your favourite region of the Med and stick to it. This is where most can go wrong by choosing too many colours.

You can get great inspiration on which colours would go best together by doing some research online. One of our favourite destinations is colorpaletts.net. You could also use one of your favourite photos from a holiday.


3 – Don’t need spend too much money or get boxed into one style

Monia Greek Homeware

No need splash out on expensive cushions. Look for brilliantly mediterranean cushion covers which you can use on your existing ones to add beautiful, calm accents to your living or bedroom. You can find this range on Monia’s online store.

There are three dominant types of Mediterranean home styles, you can opt between the Italian, Greek, or Spanish influences; or introduce the regional touch of Western Asia and Northern Africa. You could be a bit more adventurous by mixing unique styles and ending up with your own very unique mix of styles – but remember there’s no need to throw out everything you own and change the entire property! 

Add character and elongate your room with the right rug. This will help to bring your colour palette together in a subtle way. This rug is a bargain found through a quick online search on rugstorene.co.uk.

medi rug


4 – Don’t be afraid to bring a touch of modernity

Hygeia Yellow handmade Flower Vase

Naturally not everything we find along the Mediterranean coasts translate well into a modern home in London for instance. Don’t be afraid draw some inspiration and bring in a touch modernity into your home. Just like how Nordic design has been infused with a lot of our modern living spaces, you can do the same with other regions.

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